Commercial Solar Case Study:
Southeastern Freight Lines

Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array

Quick Facts

Completed: May 2023
System Size: 191 kW
Energy Offset: 38%
CO2 Emissions Avoided: 4,624 metric tons

This solar system avoids 4,624 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to emissions from

11,853,490 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle

5,179,432 pounds of coal burned

Project Overview

  • Southeastern Freight Lines is the leading provider of regional less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services and has been investing in solar energy since 2013 at various distribution centers.
  • Adding solar to their corporate offices in Lexington, SC was a natural progression to their sustainability strategy.
  • Colite Technologies designed and installed a 191.3 kW system on their facility across two roofs.
Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array

Project Benefits

  • The rooftop solar system offsets 38% of the facility’s annual energy use.
  • Energy savings of over $36,400 expected in the first year of system operation.
  • 4,624 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions avoided over the system’s 25-year life.
  • Nearly $142,000 in combined federal and state tax credits realized.
  • Realtime monitoring of production allows for a quick snapshot of performance and fast trouble shooting when needed.
  • Ability to analyze past production data for reporting and other system assessments.

System Details

  • Ballasted racking system secures the components to the roof with no penetration – roof warranty unaffected.
  • 25-year solar panel production warranty guarantees reliable long-term operation.
  • Low maintenance and easily accessible.
  • Durable, NEMA-rated components operate in harsh weather conditions with no interruption.
  • System design is optimized for the most efficient energy production while maintaining safety standards and code requirements.
Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array

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Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array

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