Protect Your Solar Investment with Real-Time Monitoring, Maintenance, and Repair Services

Solar power systems are robust and long lasting, but just like everything else they perform their best with regular maintenance and eventually need repairs. Get the most from your commercial solar system with a long-term maintenance plan.

Daily Monitoring and Expert Repair Service for Your Commercial Solar Panels

For most appliances and utilities, business owners don’t realize there is a problem until something isn’t working. However, with real-time monitoring, we can remotely detect any issues with your commercial solar system and have repair technicians dispatched before you even notice any disruptions. For existing solar installations which aren’t performing well, our highly experienced solar technicians are able to diagnose and repair solar systems – even those installed by third parties.

With an Operations & Maintenance contract, our team will continue monitoring performance and managing all equipment warranties after the initial five year warranty is up. You won’t have to lift a finger for the 25-year life of the system.

Monitor, Maintain, and Repair

Real-Time Solar Operation Monitoring

We detect problems fast with real-time monitoring. Our monitoring team will notice any unexpected changes in production and get a technician sent out to diagnose and repair it.

Solar Maintenance

All systems run better when regularly maintained. Keep your solar panels functioning their best with our annual maintenance plan.

Solar Energy System Repairs

Have an existing system which isn’t working well? We fix solar panels – even those installed by other solar companies!

Extra Space Storage Solar Array

Commercial Solar System Monitoring

  • All Colite Technologies commercial solar installations include real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • We can spot shortfalls in solar production or anomalous readings before they impact your operations.
  • When problems are detected we send out a technician who can diagnose and repair the system, keeping your company running on clean energy and your electric bills low.

Solar Panel Maintenance

  • Renewable energy systems, like all major appliances, need regular maintenance to perform their best.
  • Our technicians perform annual inspections, repairing or replacing parts before problems arise. We pay particular attention to common failure points such as inverters and power optimizers in order to prevent potential interruptions to solar power generation.
  • The inspection includes a hazards assessment, clearing any vegetation that is encroaching on the system, maintaining the drainage system, and cleaning the solar array if necessary.
Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array
Commercial Colite Technologies Solar repair

Solar Repair Services

  • Our technicians can troubleshoot and repair existing commercial solar projects which aren’t producing as they should – even if they were installed by another solar company.
  • We have a team of in-house engineers and are able to fix problems that other companies won’t even consider working on!
  • For our own line of commercial solar panels, we stand behind our workmanship with a 25-year warranty on the panel and 20-year warranty on the rest of the components.

Why Choose Colite Technologies


Accountability and Knowledgeable Customer Service

We offer a 5-year warranty on solar PV systems and stand by our craftsmanship, design, and material selection. When you contact us you’ll be speaking with a live agent who understands solar technology and is equipped to help solve your problems.


South Carolina Based, In-House Engineering Team

Our team of renewable energy experts is based in Columbia, South Carolina. We design our systems to be robust and long lasting and have the know-how and tools to maintain and repair previously installed solar power systems.


Consistent Monitoring and A Commitment to A Greener Future

All Colite Technologies solar installations include remote monitoring which allows us to detect problems before business owners are even aware of them. We are committed to sustainability and greater renewable energy use and want to see your systems operating!

Solar Maintenance

About Colite Technologies

Colite Technologies began within Colite International’s research and development division as an idea for helping companies power their signage with renewable energy. The project then evolved into its own organization helping companies improve their energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy sources, and meet their sustainability goals. However, we still maintain strong ties with Colite International and both companies are able to leverage each other’s strengths.

Our sustainable energy solutions include renewable lighting systems, commercial solar installations, and long-term maintenance plans for solar systems. Supporting commercial and industrial businesses through smart energy decisions is a key step toward achieving the collective goal of a more sustainable future.

As more companies go solar it becomes increasingly important to be able to keep existing systems functioning correctly. While many commercial solar companies won’t touch a solar system they didn’t install, Colite Technologies will work on any commercial system as we believe renewable energy can lead to a greener, more resilient future for all.

Extra Space Storage Solar Array

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