An Idea Grows Into a Business

Colite Technologies started out as an idea within Colite International’s research and development division. The idea was simple: let’s find ways to help companies power their signage with renewable energy. This served as the catalyst which led to the creation of Colite Technologies, a business completely dedicated to helping companies adopt sustainable solutions.

The Evolution of Sustainability

Colite Technologies still has close ties to Colite International, and both companies are able to leverage each other’s strengths. Our portfolio of sustainable energy solutions has grown over time to include LED retrofits, renewable lighting systems, commercial solar installations, and long-term maintenance plans for solar systems.

Looking Forward to a Greener Future

From our base in Columbia, South Carolina, our in-house team of engineers are staying abreast of developments in the field of renewable energy and sustainable technologies and looking for ways to continue innovating.

To us, sustainability isn’t just a marketing trend or buzz word which can boost short term sales, but an essential component of long-term growth. By using more efficient technology and increasing renewable energy production we can save your company time and money, increase its resilience, uphold its reputation, and ensure a brighter future for everyone.

Free Consultation

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