Sustainable Choices Save Money and Make For a Brighter Future

Going green does more than just lower your carbon footprint – it saves your company time and money, increases resilience, and upholds your business reputation. Our sustainable energy solutions can maximize these benefits for your business.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals With Renewable Energy and High Efficiency Lighting Solutions

In increasingly competitive market environments, sustainability initiatives are an effective strategy to keep your business ahead of the competitors. Transitioning to solar power and high efficiency lighting today will immediately reduce your business’s energy consumption and result in significant savings on future energy costs.

Our Services

We specialize in sustainable energy solutions, from commercial solar to customizable off-grid lighting powered by renewable energy. Each of these products is eligible for a wide range of tax credits, utility rebates, and governmental grants and loans; Colite Technologies will help you identify, apply for, and receive the most possible benefits.

Commercial Solar Solutions

  • Roof and Ground Mounted Solar PV installations.
  • Leak-free installation.

Commercial Solar Operation & Maintenance Plans

  • Maintenance plans for commercial solar systems.
  • Repair services available – even for third party installations.

Renewable Lighting Solutions

  • Off-grid walkway, roadway lighting, and parking lot lighting.
  • Customizations including custom branded signage, security cameras, bench seating, and more!

Commercial Solar PV System Installation

Take advantage of solar power generation without the risk of a leaking roof or the headaches of bureaucratic paperwork. We provide non-penetrative installation on flat and low slope roofs, pre- and post-installation roof inspections, ground mount installations, and handle all of the permitting and interconnection paperwork.

Colite Technologies Solar set up
Colite Technologies Solar set up

Commercial Solar Operation & Maintenance Plans

To keep your solar PV system running its best it will need regular maintenance and the occasional repair. Our real-time monitoring service takes the guesswork out of maintenance. When we detect problems we’ll send a technician to troubleshoot and repair the issue before it interrupts your operations. If you have an existing solar PV system which needs repair, our expert technicians can get your system back up and running, even if it was installed by a third party.

Case Studies

Extra Space Storage – Northwood

Extra Space Storage - Northwood

Extra Space Storage – Northwood in Sandy Springs, Georgia installed a solar PV system and now needs to purchase just a third of the electricity they consume. This results in a first year savings of nearly $16,000 with more than two decades of future savings yet to come!

Constellation Center for Excellence renewable lights

Football Hall of Fame Village - Canton, OH

Combining rooftop solar panels with custom lighting solutions, our installation at the Constellation Energy Center for Excellence in the Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH is a significant win for the environment.

Years in Business

Capacity Installed

Extra Space Storage is committed to sustainability through environmental, social, and governance initiatives that contribute positive impacts to our shareholders, employees, customers, and communities. One of those initiatives is deploying solar generation across our portfolio of real estate assets. Colite Technologies was initially introduced to us in 2021 after we purchased a property where they had installed solar. Since then, Colite Technologies has demonstrated an ability to rapidly scale with our needs and remains a strong installation partner in the Southeast.

Steve Potter

Sr. Project Manager, Extra Space Storage

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About Colite Technologies

Colite Technologies began within Colite International’s research and development division as an idea for helping companies power their signage with renewable energy. The project then evolved into its own organization helping companies improve their energy efficiency, transition to renewable energy sources, and meet their sustainability goals. However, we still maintain strong ties with Colite International and both companies are able to leverage each other’s strengths.

We are based in Columbia, South Carolina and proudly employ an in-house team of engineers. Our portfolio of sustainable energy solutions include renewable lighting systems, solar PV installations, and long-term maintenance plans for solar systems.

Colite Technologies in Columbia South Carolina

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