Invest in a Sustainable Future by Going Solar

Unlimited, free energy is available and waiting for those who are ready to seize it. Solar energy systems are your company’s ticket to unshackling itself from fickle utility pricing and move towards a carbon-neutral, sustainable future.

Now is the time to add a commercial solar system to your business

With energy prices rising alongside global average temperatures, now is the best time to invest in solar energy. The advantages of solar energy are clear to see:


Reduce your business’s reliance on fossil fuels


Lower your operating costs by saving money on your monthly utility bills


Demonstrate to your customers and employees that your business is committed to a greener future


Receive state and federal renewable energy tax credits

Go With The Experts in Commercial Solar Installation

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Customers prefer shopping with sustainable companies
  • Employees prefer working for sustainable companies
  • Solar shows your commitment to green energy
  • Meet current or future code requirements

Offset Your Energy Costs

  • Freedom from power bills – Reduce or eliminate what you owe the power company
  • Select solar energy programs can help you save money on top of your regular energy savings
  • Long lasting technology with an attractive ROI
  • Help balance the books – Transition your energy costs from an operating expense to capital expense

American Engineering and Ingenuity

  • Local Engineering – Our solar photovoltaic systems are designed and engineered in Columbia, South Carolina
  • Minimal to no roof impact – we primarily use non-penetrative mounting technologies when designing and installing our systems
  • Pre- and post-installation inspections – A licensed roofing contractor assesses each roof before and after installation
  • Sized to match your needs and optimize your ROI, not just your available square footage
  • 25-Year System Life – All solar PV systems come with a 5-year warranty and 10- to 25-year component warranties.

Get Tax Credits, Grants, and Loans

  • We can help determine which credits you’re eligible for and support the application processes. We recommend reviewing and confirming tax benefits with your accounting services provider
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits – Available on both federal and some state levels
  • Special Grants and Loans – Available from various government agencies
  • Special Tax Depreciation – MACRS (modified accelerated cost recovery system) allows for significant first year tax savings
  • Financing Options Available – Take advantage of the tax benefits and pay later
Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array

Clean Energy Leads to A Sustainable Future

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Solar PV system is one of the best ways to reduce your reliance on fossil fuels. A properly sized solar array can shift most or all of your company’s energy consumption away from your energy company, which in many cases generates its power using dirty coal or non-renewable natural gas.

Customers Prefer Sustainable Companies

People shop with companies whose values align with their own, and green practices are taken seriously. As customers have grown more savvy on environmental issues, their ability to recognize meaningful sustainability efforts has increased. Solar energy is widely regarded as one of the most clearly beneficial green improvements business owners can make.

Show Your Commitment to Renewable Energy

Roof mounted solar arrays can’t be seen from the ground, so for companies wanting to make a big statement and demonstrate their dedication to sustainability we offer ground mount solar panels. The two can be paired, allowing you to maximize your company’s solar generation with roof mounted systems while putting your company’s values in the open for the world to see.

Meet Current or Future Code Requirements

Many state and local governments have recently passed solar energy goals or mandates, paving the way for future legislation. Installing solar panels now sets you on your path to sustainability and can serve as a buffer against future policy changes or bring your company in line with existing policies.

Solar Production Saves Your Company Money

Enjoy Lower Energy Bills Each Month by Generating Your Own Power

In our solar PV installations we’ve seen businesses be able to offset 58% to 72% of their energy costs. These cost savings start accruing immediately and will last the lifetime of your unit!

Participate in Advantageous Solar Energy Programs

Many utilities offer solar energy programs that can help you recoup your investment over time. Depending on what is available in your location, the power company may buy your excess generation or credit the extra power generated on a future electric bill. There are also programs that designate your facility to a different rate structure, providing more favorable electricity rates or billing methods.

Solar Panels Pay for Themselves and More

The solar panels we use have a 25 year warranty, ensuring that the power they generate pays for themselves. There can be considerable cost savings over the life of the unit!

Help Balance the Books by Reducing Operating Expenses

Transition your energy costs from an operating expense to capital expense. A purchase today can reduce operating expenses for years to come.

Commercial Colite Technologies Solar array
Extra Space Storage Solar Array

American Engineering and Leak-Free Installation

In-House Engineers and American Design

Our team is based in Columbia, South Carolina and all of our systems are designed and engineered in-house.

Leak-Proof Installation and Professional Roof Inspections

Our ballasted system doesn’t require any penetrations to install, making it a perfect solution for flat and low-slope TPO roofs. We also use non-penetrative clamping systems for standing seam metal roofs which are recommended by all leading metal building and metal panel manufacturers. If we do have to penetrate your roof, our expert installers employ manufacturer-approved techniques to maintain your roof’s integrity and warranty. All of our installations include a pre- and post-installation roofing inspection conducted by a licensed roofing contractor.

The Goldilocks Approach - Not Too Big, Not Too Small, Just Right!

Unscrupulous solar companies will often deliver quotes which fill every square foot of roof with solar panels, resulting in installations that are vastly oversized for a company’s needs. Our engineering experts take each company’s unique power needs and local power generation conditions into account in order to provide a properly sized solar solution.

5-Year Warranty for the Entire Solar Array

We stand behind our solar arrays and our workmanship with a 5-year warranty on the entire array, a 25 year performance warranty on the panels, and a 20 year performance warranty on everything else including inverters and interconnect systems. Colite Technologies also offers additional long term operation and maintenance plans, extending coverage for the life of the system.

Tax Benefits & Financial Incentives

See how your business can save money on taxes and qualify for federal grants and loans on our commercial solar systems:

We Are Your Tax and Benefit Liaison

We understand what opportunities are available from local and state level incentives all the way up to federal grant programs. Colite Technologies will help your business through the application process and ensure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

Tax Credits and Bonus Depreciation

In recent years both state and federal government tax credits have been made available for companies investing in green technology. These savings are a great way to reduce your tax burden while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint! In addition to these credits, our solar PV systems are eligible for the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation program which allows businesses to leverage up to 100% bonus depreciation, reducing your tax burden.

Available Grants and Loans

Various governmental agencies are offering grants, loans, and special financing options for renewable energy investments. Our experts will help you determine which of these benefits you are eligible for and will help you with the application process.

Transition Your Company’s Operating Expenses to a Capital Expense

An investment in renewable energy is an investment in your company’s future. Transitioning to renewable energy will reduce future monthly expenditures on utility bills, lowering operating costs.

We Offer Financing

With available financing your company can take advantage of the tax credits, grants, and loans and distribute the payments over time. Talk to our experts to learn about what financing options are available and how financing can incorporate other benefits.

Extra Space Storage Solar Array

What to Expect From Your Commercial Solar Installation Process

Step 1: On-Site Evaluation And Roof Inspection

We begin our process with an on-site evaluation and roof inspection (for roof-mounted installations). During this stage we’ll gather energy usage data to identify your business’s power generation needs and determine what sort of installation is appropriate for your facility.

Step 2: System Design

Our in-house engineers take the data we compiled during the on-site evaluation and use it to create a custom-designed solar energy solution for your business.

Step 3: Tax Credit and Financial Incentive Research

Our experts will investigate local, state, and federal benefits which you may be entitled to. We’ll take your project’s unique qualities into consideration for this process in order to provide you with the most complete list of tax benefits and incentives which you qualify for.

Step 4: Delivery of Quote and Contract Execution

At this phase you’ll be given a quote for the total cost of the system, in addition to your anticipated delivery and installation timeframe. Contained within this quote will be an expected production summary, a complete list of the tax benefits, grants, and loans available for your project.

Step 5: Permitting and Interconnection

In almost all cases adding solar panels to your business will require local permits, and in most cases solar installations need to be interconnected with your local power grid. Colite Technologies will take care of both of these details, saving you the hassle and bureaucratic headaches.

Step 6: Procurement

All of our components are procured from industry leading manufacturers and meet all relevant electrical and building codes. We select components that balance efficiency, durability, and cost to ensure long term value of your system.

Step 7: Installation and Post-Install Roof Inspection

Our preferred NABCEP certified installers will come to your facility and install the system. For roof mount installations, we always include a post-installation inspection conducted by a licensed, professional roofing contractor to ensure a leak-free installation. After installation, we will contact the utility to finalize the interconnection and notify you when it is complete.

Step 8: Operations and Long-term Maintenance

Once interconnected, the panels will begin generating power immediately. You can monitor energy production in real time using the built-in metering equipment, but on a daily basis the system will function without intervention. All of our installations come with a 5-year warranty with an option to add an additional 20-year operation and maintenance plan to cover the life of the system. The operations and maintenance plans are eligible for inclusion in the grant, loan, and financing options.

See our energy solutions in action! Check out our past installations and see what a difference sustainable energy can make:

Extra Space Storage – Northwood

Extra Space Storage - Northwood

Extra Space Storage – Northwood in Sandy Springs, Georgia installed a solar PV system and now needs to purchase just a third of the electricity they consume. This results in a first year savings of nearly $16,000 with more than two decades of future savings yet to come!

Constellation Center for Excellence renewable lights

Football Hall of Fame Village - Canton, OH

Combining rooftop solar panels with custom lighting solutions, our installation at the Constellation Energy Center for Excellence in the Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH is a significant win for the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will your solar panel mounts make holes in my roof?

For commercial flat-roof environments we use a non-penetrative installation system which relies on a ballasted racking system. This is great for facilities which have TPO membrane roof systems as the integrity of the roof isn’t compromised. For pitched-roof installations we work with certified roofing contractors and use approved materials and methods to ensure that your installation won’t impact the roof’s warranty.

How do I get my tax credits?

We will research which tax credits you qualify for and then help you with the application process. The time it takes to get the credits will depend on the individual programs, and we will give you a better idea of the timeframe once we determine which apply to your project.

Do your panels produce electricity on cloudy days?

Yes! Solar panels generate electricity on cloudy days, although actual output will vary depending on light conditions. Even on cloudy days the system will offset your energy costs. Since your facility will still be connected to the power grid you’ll still have power no matter your current solar production.

Do you have to clean the solar panels?

Under normal conditions the panels do not need to be cleaned. While some dust or pollen may accumulate from time to time, an occasional rain is all that is needed to keep the panels performing well.

Who is responsible for operation and maintenance of the panels?

We offer long-term operation and maintenance programs as a service. This can be added into the initial contract to allow you to best take advantage of available tax credits, grants, and financing, or can be added after the fact if you choose.

How long will my system last?

The system is rated for a 25-year life and every component comes with a warranty ranging from 10 – to 25-years.

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