Don’t Settle For Ordinary: Customized Renewable Lighting Solutions Do More Than Illuminate

Reimagine what’s possible – lighting solutions can do more than just light up. Our renewable lighting solutions are self-contained, run on clean solar or wind power, can feature custom branded banners, WiFi, security cameras, bench seating, and USB-charging ports. See how our lighting solution can work for you.

    Parking lot lighting

    The Hardest Working Commercial Solar Lighting Solution – Have Your Lighting Do More

    Light poles are usually something we don’t think about – except when they’re not there when they should be. Our lighting solutions operate off-the-grid, delivering 100% renewable solar or wind-power via a maintenance free battery. Using long-life and energy efficient LEDs, photocells, and motion sensors, our lights keep shining from dusk to dawn.
    But that’s just the beginning – our poles don’t stop working when the sun comes up. With customizable branding, WiFi access points, security cameras, bench seating, and USB-ports, our lighting solutions provide value all day long.

    Why Our Renewable Lighting Solution is Truly a Complete System

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    Go Green, Go Off-Grid

    • 100% Renewable Energy – Reduce your company’s carbon footprint
    • Photocell + Motion Sensor Integration – provides light when you need it
    • Free yourself from the grid – no need to deal with the utility company and no trenching required!
    • Flexible Siting – If you can dig a hole, you can install a pole!

    Customizations Make For More Than Just a Light Pole

    • Integrated Branding – Make your company stand out, day and night
    • Enhanced Security – Upgrade your pole with security cameras connected wirelessly
    • Comfort and Convenience – Built-in bench seating and USB-charging ports
    • Eye Catching Renewable Tech – Supplement our standard solar panels with a wind turbine to show your commitment to green energy

    American Engineering - Built to Last

    • South Carolina based engineering team
    • Power management control system and remote performance monitoring capabilities – track your power generation and consumption
    • Heavy-duty steel construction – With a durable steel body and deep concrete foundations, each lighting solution will hold up to the test of time
    • Self-braking Wind Turbine – The optional wind turbine has overspeed protection for extreme wind conditions
    • 50k hour life LED Lights – At 12 hours per day, every day, the fixtures are rated to last 11 years without replacement

    Get Tax Credits, Grants, Loans, and Cost Savings

    • We are your benefit liaison – Our experts determine which credits you’re eligible for and help with the application processes
    • Renewable Energy Tax Credits – Available on both federal and state levels
    • Special Grants and Loans – Available from various government agencies
    • Special Tax Depreciation – MACRS (modified accelerated cost recovery system) allows for significant first year tax savings
    • Help Balance the Books – Switch your energy costs from an operating expense to capital expense
    • Financing Options Available – Take advantage of the tax benefits and pay later

    Customized Lighting Solutions for Your Specific Needs

    Renewable Parking Lot Lighting

    Adding light to parking lots is standard, but why stop there? Our solar parking lot lights offer customized branding, security cameras, and wireless communication options. Plus, our off-grid solution means no trenching and no utility bills!

    Renewable Roadway Lighting

    Our light solutions come in two standard heights, 12 foot and 30 foot, and our 30 foot pole is the perfect choice for roadway lighting. Include your company’s name or logo to boost visibility and brand recognition, or a wind-turbine to show your commitment to green-power.

    Renewable Walkway, Park, and Greenspace Lighting

    Our 12 foot poles are ideal for recreational environments where people will be walking. With available built-in benches and USB-charging ports, these renewable lighting solutions do more than illuminate. They make your pathways and greenspaces safer, more accessible, convenient, and enjoyable.

    Renewable Security Lighting

    Well illuminated spaces deter crime and make customers feel safer. Our solar powered security lighting solutions are entirely independent of the grid and won’t be impacted by power interruptions, making them a great choice for areas without existing power sources or where guaranteed light is a must.

    The Solar Advantage

    All of our lighting solutions come equipped with solar panels, allowing for 100% off-grid operations. Learn more about the advantages solar power brings:

    • Reduce your carbon footprint: It can seem challenging to add more outdoor lighting when you’ve made a commitment to reducing your company’s carbon emissions, but our renewable lighting solutions operate entirely on renewable energy.
    • Light when you need it: Our lighting solutions are engineered to provide a full evening of light at least 97% of the time, even in the winter or during periods of bad weather. With integrated photocells the lights will turn on when it gets dark, day or night, providing light when it’s needed most. The lights also include motion sensors, allowing the system to run at reduced brightness until they detect occupancy. This helps with dark sky initiatives, preserving the natural beauty of our starscapes while providing light only when it’s needed.
    • Light where you want it: Traditional outdoor light needs to be integrated into your existing power system. This usually requires extensive and disruptive trenching operations which can lead to significant downtime and costs during installation. Because our systems are self-contained, as long as you can place a foundation in a site, you can have light. A result of our low-impact installation is that you have the least amount of downtime and the greatest flexibility in terms of number and placement of lighting systems.
    • No dealing with the utility company: Adding outdoor solar lights is a great alternative to the hassle of dealing with your utility company. Instead of navigating lengthy lease agreements, expensive and time consuming trench operations, and having little control over the final product, our custom solar lighting solutions let you have complete control over the results with none of the headache. Not only do you save yourself the trouble upfront, 100% renewable energy means that these lights won’t impact your utility bill!

    A Solution For Every Lighting Application

    We recognize that no two installations are the same and so our lighting solutions offer a wide range of customization to fit every situation. From branding to bench seating, see how our light solutions keep working even during the day:

    Nyack High School parking lot

    Built in Branding Enhances Your Company’s Visibility

    In conjunction with Colite International, the industry leader in signage, we offer a complete suite of branding options. From flexible vinyl banner hangers to fully integrated custom metal cutouts, each light solution will be another opportunity to communicate your message to your customers.

    Safety That Goes Beyond Better Lighting

    Adding more lighting to your property is a great way to enhance security as a well-lit area deters criminal activity. Our complete lighting solution takes this to the next level by allowing you to include security cameras for even greater protection. Just like our lighting systems themselves, the cameras function wirelessly, allowing for 24/7 monitoring without the need for trenches or hanging wires.

    Accessibility, Comfort, and Convenience

    Adding seating to your greenspaces and walkways is a great way to make your property feel more inviting and comfortable, particularly for older adults and parents with small children. Our bench seating can be further enhanced with integrated USB-chargers and even wireless hotspots for your customers to connect to.

    Show Your Commitment to Green Energy

    Customers want to know that the companies they support are doing what they can to protect the environment. By adding a wind turbine to your lighting solution your company’s environmental efforts will be plain for all to see.

    Proudly Built to Last in the USA

    All of our lighting solutions are designed and assembled at our facility in Columbia, South Carolina by our in-house engineering team. Learn more about how our solar lighting systems are built to last:

    • Self-contained, autonomous lighting system: Each light system operates entirely independently and contains a maintenance free battery and built-in charge management system. Our optional data acquisition system lets you monitor operation status and power production in real time.
    • Heavy-duty steel construction: Every pole is constructed from commercial grade steel, built to withstand a lifetime of outdoor service. The lighting systems are secured to deeply-set poured concrete foundations, ensuring stable, tilt-free operation for the life of the unit.
    • Long lasting renewable and LED technology: We have sourced high quality solar panels which can provide 25+ years of service and our wind turbines include overspeed protection to keep the units safe, even during extreme weather conditions. Every LED light fixture includes a standard 5 year warranty, and the bulbs themselves are rated for 50,000 hours of use, or 11 years at 12 hours of runtime per day.
    Colite Technologies hand made lighting solutions

    Tax Benefits & Financial Incentives

    There are tons of good reasons to install a renewable light system, and one which should not be ignored is the tax benefits and financial incentives for investing in renewable technology. See how your business can save money on taxes and qualify for grants and loans with our light systems:

    Available Grants and Loans

    There are various grants and loans from a wide range of government agencies available for renewable energy investments. Our experts will help you determine which of these benefits you are eligible for and will help you with the application process.

    We Are Your Tax and Benefit Liaison

    We understand what opportunities are available from local and state level incentives all the way up to federal grant programs. Colite Technologies will help your business through the application process and ensure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to.

    Tax Credits and Bonus Depreciation

    These savings are a great way to reduce your tax burden while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint! In addition to these credits, our lighting systems are eligible for the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) depreciation program which allows businesses to leverage up to 100% bonus depreciation reducing your tax burden.

    Transition Your company’s Operating Expenses to a Capital Expense

    An investment in renewable energy is an investment in your company’s future. Transitioning to renewable energy will reduce future monthly expenditures on utility bills, lowering operating costs.

    We Offer Financing

    With available financing your company can take advantage of the tax credits, grants, and loans and distribute the payments over time. Talk to our experts to learn about what financing options are available and how financing may impact your eligibility for other benefits.

    See our energy solutions in action! Check out our past installations and see what a difference sustainable energy can make:

    Extra Space Storage – Northwood

    Extra Space Storage - Northwood

    Extra Space Storage – Northwood in Sandy Springs, Georgia installed a solar PV system and now needs to purchase just a third of the electricity they consume. This results in a first year savings of nearly $16,000 with more than two decades of future savings yet to come!

    Constellation Center for Excellence renewable lights

    Football Hall of Fame Village - Canton, OH

    Combining rooftop solar panels with custom lighting solutions, our installation at the Constellation Energy Center for Excellence in the Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH is a significant win for the environment.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How are your poles installed?

    Our poles, or renewable lighting systems as they’re called, are installed by professional subcontractors. A hole is dug and a deep concrete foundation is poured, and the pole is secured atop the foundation using anchor bolts.

    Will my lights stay on all night?

    Our lights are designed for 97% reliability, meaning that they have sufficient power generation and storage capacity to run all night, 97 out of every 100 days a year. Even in the rare cases where production falls short, the light will only be out for a short time right before dawn. The light output is optimized by our integrated motion sensors, boosting output when it is needed, and dimming when no one is near.

    How do I get my tax credits?

    We will research which tax credits you qualify for and then help you with the application process. The time it takes to get the credits will depend on the individual programs, and we will give you a better idea of the timeframe once we determine which apply to your project.

    Solar Pole LED Lighting for parking

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