See What a Sustainability Touchdown Looks Like

Combining the power generation of rooftop solar panels with a highly visible commitment to renewable energy via custom lighting solutions, our installation at the Constellation Energy Center for Excellence in the Football Hall of Fame Village in Canton, OH is a significant win for the environment.

Rooftop Solar + Full Hybrid Renewable Lighting Systems at the Constellation Center

  • 10.2 kW rooftop solar system
    • Generates 13.6 megawatt hours of power annually
    • 25-year lifespan
    • Onsite, real time energy production monitoring
  • Two 20ft full hybrid renewable lighting systems
    • 425 watt monocrystalline solar PV panel
    • 300 watt vertical axis wind turbine
    • 100 watt, 15,000 lumen LED lights with light sensor and motion sensor-based dimming
    • 205 amp hour battery provides energy storage and has a 10+ year lifespan
Installing Wind Turbine
Solar and Wind poles during the day

Over 10kW of Solar Generation and Eye-Catching Renewable Energy-Powered Lighting

Reduced Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The solar PV system will result in 240 metric tons less CO2 released into the atmosphere and the renewable lighting system will avoid an additional 20 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

Non-penetrative Rooftop Solar PV System Installation

Our ballasted racking system allowed the solar PV system to be installed without needing to drill any holes.

A Clear Commitment to Renewable Energy

Each lighting system was equipped with a vertical axis wind turbine in addition to the standard solar PV panel, making Constellation’s commitment to green energy easy for all to see.

Custom Football Banners Matches Football Hall of Fame Aesthetic

Fully customized banners seamlessly integrate these renewable lighting systems into the building’s design.

Reduce Your Reliance on Fossil Fuels and Save Money

Choosing renewable energy solutions lets your company lessen its dependence on fossil fuels and saves you money on your power bills. By generating on-site electricity, your company will begin saving money immediately, and be insulated against future electricity price increases.

Ideal Solution for Installation on Commercial Roofs

Our commercial solar PV systems can be installed without penetration – making it perfect for TPO membrane roofs. We also have non-penetrative installation options for standing seam metal roofs, and work with professional roofers to ensure all of our solar installations are leak free.

Show Your Customers That You’re Committed to Sustainability

Customers prefer working with companies who support green initiatives. While roof mounted solar is fantastic for sustainability – the panels are out of sight and out of mind. Our renewable energy lighting solutions serve as a clear demonstration of your company’s sustainable values.

Off-Grid, Customizable Renewable Energy Lighting Solutions

Our lighting solutions are entirely self-contained and require no trenching or electrical hookups. Highly customizable, each light solution can include your branding, bench seating, security cameras, and more.

Years in Business

Electricity Generated (kWh)

CO2 Avoidance (Metric Tons)

Project Gallery

Solar and Wind poles during the day
Solar and Wind Light poles at night
Solar Wind turbine
Installing Solar Wind Turbine

High Impact and High Visibility Renewable Energy Solutions

The system we installed at the Constellation Energy Center for Excellence in the Football Hall of Fame Village is a great representation of what is possible when you work with Colite Technologies. The roof mounted solar arrays generate sustainable electricity even during the dreary Ohio winters and was installed without needing to penetrate the roof of the building.

As a compliment to the rooftop system, the prominent renewable lighting solutions we installed at the entrance to the facility underscore Constellation’s commitment to sustainability, compliment their design aesthetic, and provide functional outdoor lighting all year round.