An LED Retrofit Cut the Virginia Beach Field House’s Expenses by over $22,000 a year!

By replacing their out-of-date lighting with LED retrofits, the Virginia Beach Field House was able to reduce their lighting power usage by over 45%, saving $17,360 in electric bills and over $5,000 in maintenance costs annually!

A Complete LED Retrofit is a Bright Idea

  • Entire facility’s lighting retrofitted with LED lights
  • 45.18% reduction in energy consumption
  • $17,360 annual savings on power bills
  • $5,100 reduction in annual maintenance costs
  • Reduced annual CO2 emissions by 2.5 tons
  • New lights provide significantly improved indoor visibility
regular bulbs vs LEDs
LED retrofit

The Difference Is Night and Day

Power Savings Add Up

By upgrading 217 interior high bay fixtures and 26 pole-top parking lot fixtures to LED bulbs, the Virginia Beach Field House was able to reduce their power bill by $17,360 annually!

Less CO2 and Less Waste

As a result of their higher efficiency, LED lighting generates less CO2 emissions – 2.5 tons less per year in this case! Also, with their 50,000 hour lifetime, fewer spent bulbs will make their way into landfills.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

High bay light fixtures are notoriously difficult to access and every bulb that burns out incurs downtime and costs. Longer operational life means this LED retrofit saves the Field House $5,100 a year in maintenance!

Superior Light Quality

The LED retrofit provided brighter and more pleasant light. With 175,000 square feet of indoor sports arenas the lighting quality of the replacement was critical. The improvement was so noticeable that staff and patrons alike expressed their surprise and satisfaction with the upgrade.

Retrofit LEDs Save Money

Upgrading your existing light system to LED fixtures saves you money on your power bills, maintenance costs, and you may be eligible for rebates from your power company. To maximize your savings, go with a fixture retrofit instead of using drop-in replacements.. Drop-in bulbs still rely on the existing ballast, which wastes energy and serves as a point of failure.

Efficient and Long Lasting

LED bulbs are a huge improvement over older lighting technologies. These bulbs generate the same amount of light while using just a third of the power! As an added benefit, LEDs produce far less waste heat, reducing your summer HVAC demand. LED bulbs aren’t just efficient, but are long lasting, returning 50,000 hours of life or 11+ years when used 12 hours a day.

Environmentally Friendly

On top of reduced power consumption and less CO2 emissions, LEDs don’t use heavy metals or toxic materials in their construction like metal halide or fluorescent bulbs. With their long lifespans, they also help your company produce less waste in the form of spent bulbs and new bulb’s packaging materials.

High Quality Lighting

LEDs produce high CRI (>80), white light, which is perfect for indoor lighting applications. The result is a more natural light which is easier on the eyes. Unlike older bulb technologies the lights have no warm-up or restrike time to worry about.

Years in Business

Electricity Generated (kWh)

CO2 Avoidance (Metric Tons)

Better Light, Lower Bills, Greener World

By going with an LED retrofit the Virginia Beach Field House was able to slash their lighting power usage by over 45%, saving both money and reducing CO2 emissions. The benefits weren’t just confined to efficiency – the LED bulbs last longer, requiring less frequent maintenance and less downtime. Over the course of a year this adds up to over $22,000 in savings on electricity and maintenance!

As an added benefit, the bulbs themselves deliver better light, making for a safer, more appealing indoor recreation environment. It is hard to overstate how much better the facilities look under these new LED bulbs!