Modernize your Lighting System to Save Money, Reduce Maintenance, Help the Environment, and Behold a Brighter Future

If you’re still using outdated lighting products you’re missing out on huge improvements in performance. LEDs cost less to run, need to be replaced less frequently, result in less waste, and deliver better looking light. See the difference for yourself!

Don’t Settle For Just Any Replacement – LED Retrofits Offer More Benefits than Plug-and-Play Alternatives

LED bulbs offer huge improvements over older technology, but most of these benefits can only be fully realized with a professional retrofit. Going the DIY route can unfortunately lead to headaches down the road and unrealized cost savings as old integrated ballasts leach power and cause premature failures. Our expert installers will rewire or even replace your existing light housing to ensure that you get the best that LEDs can offer.

LED retrofit

Save Money

Get Rebates and Lower Utility Bills

Many power companies offer incentives for installing energy saving LED light fixtures. Colite Technologies will determine what offers are available in your area and help you get the rebates you’re entitled to! Your savings will continue monthly in the form of lowered energy costs. LEDs use less power and generate less heat, reducing your summer AC bills.

  • Power companies offer incentive rebates with some companies, like Dominion Energy, giving rebates of $0.35 per watt reduced.
  • Colite Technologies does the heavy lifting for rebates – we’ll serve as your liaison and make sure you get what you’re entitled.
  • LEDs need just 33% of the energy of metal halide or fluorescent bulbs to produce the same amount of light, resulting in serious cost savings over time.
  • LED bulbs generate very little waste heat, giving your HVAC (and your utility bills) a break.

More Efficient and Lower Maintenance

Efficient and Long Lasting

Our LEDs produce 130 lumens of light per watt, compared to ~70 lumens per watt commonly found in old lighting technology. Not only are they more efficient, but with lifespans of up to 50,000 hours (more than 11 years use at 12 hours a day!) your maintenance team will spend less time replacing bulbs. We offer a 5 year warranty on all of our bulbs – during which time you’d have replaced a metal halide bulb three times!

  • Because LEDs produce so much more light for a given wattage, you’ll be able to get the same amount of light while using less energy.
  • Want to increase a fixture’s light output? LED upgrades give you flexibility to do so without costly electrical upgrades.
  • When run 12 hours a day, 7 days of the week, an LED will typically last 11 years and 4 months. You’d need to replace metal halide bulbs 8 times in that same time period. For hard to reach bulbs, this can represent a significant reduction in maintenance costs.
  • With our 5 year warranty, you’ve got peace of mind that you won’t be paying for another lightbulb for years to come.
Tennis courts with LEDs
LEDs for Basketball court/ Gym.

Environmentally friendly

Less Waste, No Hazardous Materials, Lower Emissions

An LED retrofit will reduce your company’s environmental impact. You’ll generate less waste as LEDs last much longer than older bulb technologies – and when you replace an LED you won’t be disposing of hazardous materials like those found in metal halide or fluorescent lamps. Also, all that money you saved on utility bills pays environmental dividends in the form of lower power plant emissions!

  • Saving electricity is great for your power bill, but it’s also great for the planet. By reducing your energy consumption you are helping achieve a greener future.
  • Every bulb that needs to be replaced is another bulb (and its packaging!) which goes into a landfill. LEDs’ long lifespans keep your company’s waste generation to a minimum.
  • LEDs don’t contain any hazardous materials that require special handling. Metal halide bulbs are difficult and costly to dispose of safely.

Higher Quality Lighting

LED Lights Do More Than Simply Illuminate

LEDs give you more light per watt with whiter light to make your buildings brighter and better looking. With an LED retrofit you’ll get full brightness instantly, without the warmup time of metal halide bulbs, and you can forget about your past worries of restrike times. All Colite Technologies exterior LED lights include built-in photocells which automatically turn the lights on at night and off in the morning.

  • >80 Color Rendering Index (CRI) – the clean, wide-spectrum white light that LEDs produce means that colors stay true, even when illuminated.
  • Instant on – Unlike metal halide bulbs, LED lights reach full brightness instantly with no warm-up required.
  • No restrike time – Metal halides need to be allowed to cool before they can be relit while LEDs can be cycled on and off without delay.
  • No more remembering to turn on the lights each night – All Colite Technologies exterior LED light fixtures come with photocells that detect when it is dark and automatically turn the lights on.
LED retrofitting
Fredericksburg Field House

Why Trust Colite Technologies


Risk-Free Lighting Audits

Our experts will come to your facility and perform a free on-site lighting audit. From this we’ll be able to determine what rebates your company is eligible for, identify your lighting needs, and give you an estimate of your annual cost savings.



Our technicians are backed by the support of our in-house engineering team and have experience with commercial lighting retrofit projects from small parking lots to large industrial warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my rebates?

We handle the entire application process for rebates. All you’ll need to do is wait for the power company to process the request!

Can I just put a LED bulb in my current light housing?

While you can put an LED bulb into your existing light housing, this is not the best solution. Old lights have a piece of hardware called ballast integrated into their housing. Even if you remove the light bulb itself, the ballast is still going to be silently consuming power. Furthermore, ballasts are prone to failure – and when they fail the light will fail with it! Our professional retrofit service completely removes or bypasses the ballast to remove this point of failure and give you the most energy-efficient lighting. Read our full guide on interior LED retrofits to learn more.

Do I need permission from my utility to upgrade to LEDs?

No, generally you will not need permission to upgrade to LEDS – in fact, most utility companies encourage their installation and offer rebates! In the event that there are fixtures you want to upgrade which will require approval, light poles leased from the power company for example, we will take care of securing the permission or necessary permits.

LEDs shine brighter

Free Consultation

Getting your free on-site lighting audit is as easy as filling out the form below. After doing so we’ll contact you to schedule a time for our experts to come and assess your site, take measurements, and perform photometric analayses if necessary. From there we’ll determine what rebates you qualify for and deliver a quote.

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