Seize the Day with Renewable Energy

Our renewable lighting systems are more than just cool light poles; they symbolize serious environmental commitment and conscientious business operations. These systems help your company seize opportunities with Millennial consumers that expect more than just monetary return. Investing in our lighting systems means investing in your own corporate and sustainable future, solidifying your leadership in exceptional business.

Colite Technologies is an up-and-coming contender in the field of renewable energy generation. Our renewable lighting systems are unique and offer countless benefits for customers. They are very visible and demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental sustainability that can be easily understood by business organizations and individuals alike. They prove your earnestness to improve the community and environment, establishing you as a leader for future generations.

Many businesses are getting more involved in reducing their environmental impact. According to the Shelton Group, almost 90% either already have, or would like to consult with, an outside firm to improve their facilities’ energy efficiency. Not only are they concerned about energy costs, these businesses are also considering their public image and the growing emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Consumers are more interested in companies that positively influence humanitarian needs, environmental challenges, and ethical standards.

Moreover, 66% of businesses are likely to increase their reliance on renewable energy, and 56% said onsite renewable generation (wind, solar, etc.) was an important/very important aspect of building performance and operations. This suggests that companies are looking to move away from traditional energy options that limit their possibilities for expansion, and our systems are a perfect alternative.

Colite Technologies’ renewable energy
Our full hybrid renewable lighting systems combine a vertical axis wind turbine, a solar photovoltaic panel, and battery storage into a self-contained light pole. They are completely off-grid and powered by renewable sources to give you flexibility and independence, making them extremely competitive with traditional on-grid outdoor lighting options. Utility bills are no longer an issue and, consequently, no utility companies are restricting your decisions.

Colite Technologies’ renewable lighting systems are brilliant solutions for businesses that want to develop their sustainability portfolio but may not have the resources available for an aggressive, total restructure of their facility or operations. Just having a few of our structures in prominent locations will convey your company’s efforts to be a socially responsible member of the community.

Onsite energy generation is possible for any company with a parking lot, sidewalk, or anywhere that can house a light pole. These intriguing structures are distinct from the average light, grabbing the attention and sparking curiosity of passersby. Putting your name and brand on it will further associate your business with renewable energy and innovative technology, pushing you to the forefront of environmental leadership.

Customers are more likely to buy from your business if they know it is environmentally friendly. 78% of Americans feel some sense of personal responsibility to change daily purchase habits and practices to positively impact the environment. Therefore, having obvious and easily recalled examples of your commitment to sustainable business makes consumers feel as if they are directly contributing to saving the planet. By supporting your company, they are supporting your efforts to change the state of the environment for the better.

Furthermore, 59% of Millennials look to companies to solve social and environmental problems they feel they can’t address (or would rather not have to). This is an excellent opportunity for companies to become a leader in sustainable business and capture the attention of the next generation of consumers. CSR is an increasingly crucial part of operations and consumers are putting pressure on companies to do more than make profits; they want to see these entities impact the world in ways individuals cannot.

They depend on the leverage of active businesses to sway decisions of governments and higher organizations to ensure that environmental interests are taken seriously. Large-scale issues can only be effectively addressed through large-scale solutions, which require national governments and international organizations to work together and hold each other accountable. Millennials hope that the businesses can keep the national governments accountable for their actions and, in turn, establish commitment to the international community.

Colite Technologies’ renewable lighting systems means investing in your own future
Ultimately, investing in Colite Technologies’ renewable lighting systems means investing in your own future. With rising environmental awareness, it is necessary for businesses to demonstrate their duty to CSR and the planet we call home. Your visible efforts to be a part of the solution will tell your customers that they are making the right choice when purchasing your goods and services, leading them to become loyal customers.


Additionally, your environmental stewardship will inspire other businesses to do the same and create a community of sustainable corporations. This powerful cooperation produces synergy that can further influence legislation and international relationships, setting off a chain reaction for long overdue protection of the Earth.