Colite Technologies featured in Construction News


Colite Technologies is proud to be featured in the April edition of Dallas/Fort Worth Construction News. Our vice president of sales for the mid-south region, Lydia Miller, nicely sums up the benefits of solar energy.
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Lynda Miller Vice President of Sales article


When Lydia Miller gives a sales presentation that includes a photo of a solar light sticking out of the ground, she makes sure it includes a big circle around it with a slash over it. That’s because as Vice President of Sales for Colite Technologies, Miller wants clients to understand that there is so much more to solar.

“There are two misconceptions about solar,” Miller explains. “The first is that most people’s experience of solar lighting is the little stick light in the ground you can get for two dollars that, by the way, are not very good. The other misconception is that people underestimate what solar can do. They think that they can put up four solar panels and a battery and they can power a 4,000sf house. A lot of what I have to do is educate people about what solar can and cannot do because people that are enthusiastic about it sometimes have an unrealistic idea of what’s possible.”

So, Miller shows them what is possible with solar.

“Colite Technologies does solar lighting for outdoor locations that are difficult or expensive to run wires to such as parking lots, walking trails, bike trails – places where the cost of running wire is going to be super expensive. We also do stand-alone solar solutions for things like monument signs or fountains, Wi-fi or security cameras. We do LED retrofits as well.”

Miller explains that although Colite Technologies is barely a year old, its parent company, Colite International, is a sign company that has been around for 50 years.

“It seemed a logical step [for Colite International to go] from signs to lighting, in particular renewable energy lighting,” Miller says. “The owner of Colite International got together with my boss, Kevin O’Hara, and they really looked at what would be a way to create a company that was more focused on the lighting side and incorporating renewable energy. It seemed like there was a